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China Fore is a national high-tech enterprises specialized in Air Tools and Gears.Founded in 1995 with a total asset of RMB 270 million, our company locates in a fast developing coastal city of Zhejiang - Taizhou, China,  with the collection of research, production, distribution and service. Our company has more than 650 employees ...[More]

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The company keeps steadily and steadily moving towards the bright vision of "creating an international brand, founding a hundred-year enterprise"; focusing on the enterprise strategy of precision machinery research and manufacturing and system integration service providers; practicing the enterprise purpose of: developing products and services required by customers, and co-developing with partners.
1. One after another, the world's top processing and testing equipment has been introduced: Klingelberg P26 in Germany and TTI Gear Measurement Center in Japan, SPECTRO Material Spectrometer in Germany, Turning Center in Germany, Japan, United States, Machining Center in Japan, Mori Precision Machine Turning and Milling Complex Machining Center in Japan, HAMAI Hard Gear Hobbing Center in Japan, Jinkui Hard Gear Shaft Machining Center in Japan, Dongfang-Jinkui Heat Treatment Equipment in Japan, etc. 。 The company is based on small module gears, product diversification development as the direction, adhere to the principle of strengthening the market first, and continue to expand to the upstream and downstream industries. Achieves the enterprise goal of "industry leader, customer praise, employee satisfaction, product diversification".
2. Adhere to information technology and lean management to achieve an effective combination of human and science and technology in order to benefit from management technology. We will comprehensively promote information management technologies such as ERP, OA office automation, PLM, CRM and CAE, import ISO 9001, TS16949 and ISO14001 management systems, comprehensively implement the BPS project of German BOSCH Company, inject the essence of lean production into every process of product processing, and strive to find a more reasonable cycle and cost.
3. Adhere to the people-oriented concept, formulate a talent selection, talent utilization, talent cultivation and talent retention mechanism suitable for the sustainable development of Fengli, constantly promote the development of enterprises, and enhance the vitality of enterprise talent resources. Emphasis should be placed on improving the quality of staff's "team, dedication, enterprising, forgiving and communicating", developing the working style of "continuous improvement and innovation". The core values of "honesty, thrift, harmony and responsibility" should be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, shaping the corporate culture team of "enterprise and talent grow together, material and spirit go hand in hand, innovation and steadfastness work together, quality and brand synchronization".
4. While the enterprises are growing, they should actively fulfill their social obligations, take the corresponding social responsibilities, help the poor, support the public welfare, create more employment opportunities, and become a company with a sense of social responsibility. The core social values of "developing enterprises, contributing to society, benefiting employees and serving the country" and the corporate ethics of "diligence, integrity, pragmatism, full but not overflowing, not humble but not overbearing, and combining rigidity and softness" have gradually been formed.
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